How to place an order?
For small orders, you can simply place an order online in our store and pay with PayPal. For bulk order & custom orders, please send us the item you need(Item#, Qty, shipping method & address, your contact details) by email or contact form, we will quote you the total cost and order details.

How do you ship my order?
We can send your order by China Post Air Mail(usually takes 10-25days to Europe, 7-15days to USA and Canada), DHL(3-5days to worldwide), EMS, AIR cargo or SEA cargo for large order. With our long-term cooperated shipping agent, we can lower your shipping cost.

What payment method do you accept?
We accept payment methods such as T/T Bank Transfer, PayPal(credit card), Western Union, Moneygram, etc.
As our products value and profit is very low, we wish you select the lower bank fee payment method.

You can refer to below info:

What is the minimum order qty requirement?
Usually these compasses are produced in bulk quantity each time to lower the cost.  So we have minimum order quantity requirement for most of these items. Please just send us inquiry and we should reply you in two business days. For most items, our MOQ is 1000pcs/model.

Can you make mini compass without bubble inside?
We intend that our compasses are free of bubbles; however, if a small bubble forms in the liquid-filled capsule, it has no influence on the accuracy of the compass. Its appearance and disappearance are due to changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure. If a bubble larger than 1/4 inch in diameter appears, it is probably the result of a leaking capsule, usually caused by some form of shock damage, and the capsule will have to be replaced.

​There is better technology now on 20mm compass with no bubble in one year. But the cost is much higher. Please contact us if you need it.

Can you make the compass in my design?
Yes. We can make custom compass according to your design.Generally, we can change the compass dial to your design with less than 3 single colors silk printing.
Our MOQ is 1000pcs for most items, please send us inquiry before you order.It’s low cost to just change the compass dial but high cost to make a new mold for a new size one.

How to use map compass?
1. Put the compass horizontally on your left hand on the map, point the south arrow of the compass to the direction you want to go.
2. Horizontally rotate the compass and map (your body also subsequently rotation), until the red North pointer in compass is parallel with the map North line.
3. The south arrow of the compass points out the right direction you need to go.
4. Metal items may effect the compass function, so keep the compass far away from the vehicles, digital camera or other metal object. Metal object may lead the compass work incorrectly from 20 degrees to 60 degrees.
5. Magnetoelectricity areas also have an impact on the accuracy of the compass. Do not put the compass in the place where is full of electromagnetic effect such as on the top of the speakers.
6. Don’t put the compass under the blazing sun for a long time. Don’t shake the compass.