Uses of Mini Liquid Filled Button Compass

The mini liquid compass is a device that indicates north direction. It is one of the most important instruments for navigation in the ancient time. It helps people to safely arrive their destination. But in the 21st century today, technology is highly developed, our mobile phones have GPS navigation. Using the compass as a navigation tool is less and less. So, we have a lot of new uses for the compasses.

Besides direction feature, what else can a mini compass be used for? Mini compass can be used on children’s toys, walking sticks, outdoor camping equipment, survival kit, clothing jewelry accessories and more. You can see that we can make these mini liuqid button compasses in many different dials and colors. They looks very beautiful and cute.

Our mini liquid filled button compasses includes various styles like below. Design a unique dial, you will get a unique compass in your own idea. The cost is not much.

liquid filled compass

We can also make the button compass like a kind of artwork to help you to promote your business. The jesus follow me compass and Mickey mouse keychain compass is very special design. 
button compass artwork

cute compass keychain

If you need to make a custom button compass, please feel free to send us an inquiry and we will work with you to make your ideal come true.


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